Vision Aircraft

This is my aircraft in progress. This is my dream. See how my dream evolve. Some do some don't

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bulkhead #155 and seat support

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Bulkheads

Tail spar and flange.

This is what happen if don't read the notes carefully. The foam has to be cored out first before installing the vertical stab spar.

Door in Tail cutout.


Seat installed
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bulkhead and seat supports

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Horizontal Stabilizer finished

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Horizontal stabilizer

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Fusalage turned over

Vacuumforming of bulkhead

1. Micro,Glass and Resin as normal on one side and then turn over.
2. Put on PVA film.
3. Micro,Glass and Resin as normal.
4. Put cutoff glass at the area where the vacuum pipe is going to suck up excess resin.

5. Fold PVA over and roll over edges onto each other twice and seal of with duck tape.
6. Make a small cut in the PVA,just enought to squeeze it in tight.
7. Seal it again with ducktape.
8.Put on your vaccuum.
9. Start working all excess air and resin towords the vacuum pipewith a squeegy.(be carefull not to make it to dry,+/- 60% is exceptable in general industry). Babypowder or talcum helps torelieve the friction.
10. Turn your job over again and do the other side in the same manner.
11. If your floor is at least 21 degrees Celcius you would not need isolation underneath, but it is a good idee to have a sheat of foam underneath.

This can be used on other parts as well

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An Aircraft is born.

Seat cradle

Finished seat

Fuselage bottom cradle

Bottom Fuselage Laminated
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